Number in Print

This work shows the final shots of a concertina book I made for a project called ‘Number in Print’. I focused the project around the theme of the number seven and eventually developed into modernising the idea of The Seven Ages of Man. 

'The Infant'

'Growing Up'

 'The Lover'

'Taking Responsibility'

'The Family'

'Worldly Wise'

'The Second Childhood'

I used a photograph of one of my relations as the base idea for every age of man. These photos show three generations of my family from both sides and when combined, create quite a collected, or miss matched feel. Because of this I chose to create my final piece using a selection of alternative printing methods; Cellulose thinner, Mono print and Dry Point. Each image is supported with a title and a quotation relating to that ‘age’.

During the ‘Number in Print’ unit we also had a short project to deal with. We were given an element of the Periodic Table, asked to research its qualities and illustrate it for a visual version of the table. This is the outcome of my element:

Each element had different limitations; I was given Rubidium (RB) and told I could only use black, white and green within the design. The whole table can be found at this address: