Social Awareness

These are the newest additions to my site!

The project was created around the theme of Social Awareness, where I chose to focus on the idea of raising awareness of Autism. My final illustrations as produced to be seen as posters, magazine adverts and postcards...

 Postcard 1: Front and Back

Postcard 2: Front and Back 

The following images were large scale screen printed posters

TempleGrandin is a scientist with aspergers. In her book she wrote the quote I featured in this design: 

"When I talk to other people I translate my pictures into stock phrases or sentences I have 'on tape' inside my head. Those kids who called me Tape Recorder were right about me. They were mean, but they were right. I am a Tape Recorder. That's how I'm able to talk."

Finally, the two images designed to feature in an A4 magazine spread:
 This advert, like the poster before was a quote of Temple Grandin's...

The next two images are the same poster designs as before, but give an example of different uses of colour...